How to choose the right mixer from the Talent line

How to choose the right mixer

The shape and length of the spout mixers

Depending on the size of the spout, the mixers are divided into long, short and medium length spouts. Constructions of more than 30 cm in size belong to the category of long ones, and medium-size constructions of 20–25 cm. Not least, the form that can be traditional and cascade belongs to ensuring comfortable use. They differ in the size of the liner section. If your bathroom has a sink and a bathtub close to each other, pay attention to common faucets.

Mount type

The type of attachment is determined by the location and operation of the mixer: sink, bath, shower and bidet. Faucets on the sink and bath can be mounted on the wall or directly on the sink itself. Bathroom faucets are suitable for almost all models of acrylic baths, in this case on the surface there will be handles for regulating the water supply and spout.
The design of the faucets for the shower involves the presence of handles for regulating the water and the attachment point of the shower hose, so they are mounted only on the wall.
The bidet faucet is very similar to the design for the sink. In most cases, it is installed on the side with mounting holes. This type of faucet is additionally equipped with an aerator that allows you to change the direction of the water jet.

Functionality - Selection Criteria

The functionality of the mixers are divided into two groups: valve and ball. The advantage of valve constructions is that they function perfectly when feeding hard and chlorinated water. If a leak occurs, it is enough to replace the seal.
Ball single-lever mixers have an attractive appearance and are easy to use, however, salt deposits and solid elements in the water clog the working module and disable the mixer. Repair work in this situation will require large financial costs than in the case of valve construction.

About the material

The modern plumbing market offers a wide selection of brass, chrome and bronze faucets. The materials have high consumer qualities, are resistant to wear and corrosion, durable and reliable.I cover the external parts of the mixer with nickel; in addition, chrome plating or enameling is carried out. This avoids the formation of bacteria and microorganisms.
Plastic has several advantages: neutrality to water, lightness and strength, low thermal conductivity, but in the struggle for durability it will lose to metal.
Ceramic faucets are attractive, but it is worth remembering that ceramics is a fragile material that requires careful handling.

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How to choose the right mixer

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