How to Clean a Bathtub! (Easy Bathtub Cleaning Routine)

How to clean the bath


What you need to arm

In order to combat rust and smudges, you need to take the following with you:

  1. Gloves;
  2. Rags;
  3. Solvent;
  4. Sandpaper;
  5. Nitro enamel;
  6. The solution relieving from a rust.

How to get rid of rust

Work must begin with the removal of rust, and in this an excellent helper is oxalic acid, which must be mixed with water until a viscous liquid appears.

After treating the bath with this solution, it is necessary to wash the bath properly, and then treat all damaged areas with fine sandpaper. After that it is necessary to use a solvent on the same places. If this is not done, then the enamel applied may deteriorate.

After all these actions, you can proceed to painting the bath. To do this, fit a special enamel that needs to be applied three times every 30 minutes. But before using the enamel every next time, you need to make sure that the last layer is completely dry. And at the end you can polish the surface of the bath.

How to handle old baths

In order to process and save the old bath from rust, it is necessary to moisten its surface and put a cleaning agent on it. Leave in this form until absorbed and dried.

After 20 minutes, clean the surface. This method helps, but it is better not to use it on new baths.

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How To Clean a Bathroom and Keep It Clean!!
How to clean the bath

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