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How to close an organization in 2019

Close the company with the official liquidation. After your decision to close, a full tax audit, destruction of seals, filing and filing of documents of the company will be carried out. The disadvantages of this method of closure are only the duration (it will take from 6 months to 2 years) and the high cost, it will cost about 50 thousand rubles.
Reorganize the company, attach it to another, possibly larger. When the appropriate entry is made in the state register, we can assume that the company is safely closed. The director of the firm will have to terminate his authority and hand over the documents to the successor firm. In this way, the company can be closed in 3-4 months, and it will cost about 60 thousand rubles.
Sell ​​the company by liquidating it. This is the fastest way to save costs. It will take you from 2 to 5 weeks to sell. But sales are different, carefully read its varieties.
Make a notarization.Make a contract of sale and certify it with a notary. The term of sale is 2-3 weeks, the cost will be about 16 thousand rubles, plus notary fees for 15-20 thousand rubles per person.
Sell ​​the company by increasing the share capital. This sale consists of two stages. First, a new member is introduced, and in the second stage, the old members of the organization are introduced. But before such a sale must be re-registered. The sale period will be 4-5 weeks, the cost is about 42 thousand rubles. This method is good if the company has more than 1 member.
Sell ​​the company by increasing the share capital with simultaneous re-registration and change of the CEO. In this case, with a simultaneous change of participants, there must be a change of the CEO. The sale period will take 4-5 months. and will cost around 55 thousand rubles.
How to close the company. It would seem that it may be easier to close your own company? The closing of the company begins with the meeting of the founders, where the minutes of the meeting are drawn up, as well as the decision to close the company. Within three days, two notices certified by a notary must be submitted to the tax authority about the closure of the organization and the composition of the liquidators.
Helpful advice
The request to close such a company to a court may be submitted by a state or local government body with such authority. Makes a full settlement with creditors and closes the company's current account. The seal of the enterprise is destroyed. All documents relating to the activities of the company are prepared for transfer to the State Archives, and then are deposited in it.

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How to close an organization in 2019

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