First time Flight Journey tips - step 5 - Baggage Reclaim - Collect at Airport after Landing - Hindi

How to collect baggage

You will need
  • - suitcase / bag;
  • - tissue paper;
  • - bags for linen.
Think about what things you need on vacation or business trip. Do not forget to bring warm clothes with you, even if you eat in a hot country. It is best to choose a wardrobe so that its objects are combined with each other in style and color. This will allow you to make a large number of different sets. Spread out all things on a comfortable surface. Now, when you see the volumes of the upcoming fees, decide which suitcase you need.
Lay clothes in layers. This will save space and prevent creasing of tissues. It is best to take clothes from non-fading materials: cashmere, flax with fiber, cotton with elastane, etc.
At the bottom of the suitcase put the heaviest things, such as shoes. This will allow you to keep fragile and thin pieces of luggage intact. If you do not want to spend time on arrival, ironing dresses and trousers, put them in expanded form on a layer of heavy things and leave the edges "outside".Put all other things on top, only then bend the edges of dresses and trousers.
Put thin and delicate clothing on a heavy layer of clothes. If you are afraid that it may deteriorate from contact with other things and accessories, then put them in tissue paper. Underwear is best put in a separate pouch.
The next layer should again consist of heavy things. This principle of baggage formation will help prevent damage to items in the middle.
Collecting a suitcase, try to fill all of its space. It should not remain a centimeter of free space, while things should be so much so that they calmly fit into the bag. To save space, you can roll up all the clothes in rolls.
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Helpful advice
Before you begin to collect your luggage, write a complete list of things that you will need during your trip. So you do not have to shift things in a suitcase and back several times.

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How to collect baggage

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