Combining planning for work and home (Fave DIY)

How to combine work and personal life?

If we experience discomfort due to the fact that work interferes with our personal life, or vice versa, then something is wrong in our personal life. If the work interferes, in your opinion, with the partner to establish a full-fledged personal life, this does not mean that he has a bad job and the reason for it.

Are you missing attention? It seems that a partner devotes a lot of time and effort to work? In pursuit of primacy in his life, do you run into a wall of dull irritation and misunderstanding? Look at your own behavior, not his work. Perhaps your relationship needs a serious revision.

Pay attention to your own appearance and internal content. Sometimes it happens that we demand attention to ourselves, completely forgetting about our attractiveness - both external and internal.

Start with the question: what does my loved one get from personal relationships? Am I an interesting conversationalist? Is there enough warmth, participation, care gets my loved one?

If the partner is not comfortable next to you,if he does not feel protected from domestic attacks, claims, and the life falling apart in front of his eyes is able to ruffle anyone, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that a person goes into work "with his head", no. Sometimes people just walk away from conflicts in this way, hide in a pile of work-related issues, while away the time at the desk. In other words, they do everything to not return to an unpleasant situation for a long time.

On the other hand, do not be tempted to linger at work only in order to please the authorities or simply by inertia and the habit of �complete it�. Think about what is more important for you: overtime or a good mood of a loved one? Human relationships need time, which is not enough, sometimes because of the habit of loading themselves with work. All the money still does not earn, and no industrial success will not replace communication with loved ones. In such cases, it is better to adhere to the "golden mean", remembering these promises at home and not exaggerating the importance of working in your own life.

In this situation, joint personal life risks turning into the mechanical existence of two singles under one roof.It can not last forever, sooner or later, loneliness will be filled by someone. Situations in which work takes up all life time is dangerous because another person may appear on the horizon who can offer your loved one love and care, understanding and well-adjusted life, proper rest and interesting communication. If you don�t want your partner to share his personal space with another person, start with yourself, ask yourself: do you spend enough time and love for your loved one yourself?

If the work prevents you to restore order in the relationship with a partner, and you want to change the home atmosphere for the better, start with yourself. Try not to pester the partner with complaints and reproaches, devote time to ensuring that the person you love is comfortable being at home. The atmosphere in the house should be comfortable, desirable. This applies to everything: cleanliness in the apartment, and tasty cooked food, and the absence of irritants that can upset the balance, and goodwill. Then your half will fly home from work, in full confidence that the house is cozy and good. But this does not mean that all the worries about the house need to be taken on.A partner must be sure that without him you will not be able to solve many problems at home. This increases the sense of need, responsibility.

Do not forget about leisure. Do not turn the weekend into endless household chores. Perhaps a hike in nature, a visit to friends, a visit to a theater, a fashion exhibition, a walk around the city or a romantic dinner together - will add a touch of freshness, brightness, joy to your personal relationship.

Talk to each other. Share your impressions, share information. Try not to translate any topic of conversation to personal relationships. People are interested in each other when they learn something new together, discuss plans for the future, express interesting thoughts about the world around them. It�s not worth dwelling on your own feelings, it quickly becomes boring. It is unreasonable to fill all the time and attention with personal relationships, passions, vigorous clarifications of relationships and the demand for exceptional attention.

In addition to work and personal relationships, any person should have time that he can devote to himself: think, reflect, put things in order in thoughts and feelings, play your favorite online game, read a book, keep quiet, find inner balance, be alone, accumulate vital energy.If there is no such �gap� between work and personal relationships, a person can break loose sooner or later, and the conflict will become inevitable.

Between a husband and wife, besides bed and borscht, there must be something else after all: common work, a hobby, joint creation. Well, when personal life and work - in one bottle. When people are united by a common activity. Then questions do not arise "work or personal life" - personal life develops into work, and work into personal life. The mistake of partners is that some are beginning to demand to choose: either I - or work. Claim increased attention.

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How to combine work and personal life

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How to combine work and personal life

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