5 Succsessful ESL Speaking Activites

How to conduct conversational English lessons

  • The most convenient way to conduct a spoken lesson in English is to use a presentation made on a computer. First you need to choose a topic. She can be any-travel, food, health, and so on. For example, you can choose the topic Learning to cook. The first slide should always be in the style of warm up, that is, the introductory question. For example: "How often do you cook?" ("How often do you cook?"). Or: What's your favorite food? "(" What is your favorite food? "). These introductory questions will help to tune in to the chosen topic and speak to the students.
  • If the topic "Food" you and the students have not yet passed, you can print out the cards for this lesson. But, most likely, some words they already know, usually this topic is taken as one of the first. Then on the slide you can add pictures with the image of different foods for tips and train their memory by asking questions on the knowledge of words in different categories: vegetables, fruits, sweets, etc.
  • On the next slide, pick up some pictures related to the theme of the kitchen (dishes, appliances, kitchen appliances, etc.).It’s better not to put the words on the slide right away, let the students try to remember how this or that word will sound in English. Additionally, you can ask the question, what other words on this topic do they know.
  • Now it is the turn of cooking methods. Here you can give both pictures and words on the slide, let the students try to connect them. If your students are older and of a rather high level of knowledge, then you can immediately give a small printed text with the words omitted in it, and the words above the text should be framed - their task will be to correctly substitute these words. If the lesson is individual, then you should work on the text together with the student, if it is a group one - for this task, break them into pairs.
  • The final part of the lesson is a creative task. It will be necessary to apply the lesson vocabulary, making some recipe. This is an ideal group assignment task, but it works well in an individual lesson. On the slide you can give a few pictures of different dishes (for example, pasta with seafood, soup, cake with cream, etc.). Pupils will need to choose from the proposed pictures the dish to which they will write a recipe,or invent your own.
  • The main task throughout the entire class is to ask as many additional questions as possible. That is, do not just give words and read them, but immediately give them a use, asking what fruits / vegetables they like / dislike, what dishes can be made from eggs / milk / vegetables, etc. The faster students begin to use words from the lesson, the sooner they will learn new material.
  • By the same principle, you can make presentations on any other topics. If this is, for example, travel, then pick up vocabulary on the topic, ask questions where you were / where you would like to go. You can additionally take a simple past tense (Past Simple) by asking the question "Where did you go last year?".

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How to conduct conversational English lessons

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How to conduct conversational English lessons

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