How To Change Boot Order In Computer BIOS [For Beginners]

How to configure BIOS for disk

First you need to enter the BIOS - to do this, restart the computer and as soon as the device check begins and the letters appear on the black screen, press the Delete key. For new motherboards and laptops, you can also use the F2 key. Navigation in the Bios menu is done with arrows. To cancel any action, use Esc, to reboot - Ctrl + Alt + Delete, to save the changes - Enter.
Select Advanced Bios Features and press Enter. In the menu that opens, find the items First Boot Device, Second Boot Device (depending on the motherboard and Bios version, the names may differ slightly). These options are responsible for the order of devices from which the operating system will boot. By default, the first item will be Floppy, the second Hard Disk, and the third - Cd-Rom. Highlight First Boot Device, press the Enter key, select the Cd-Rom boot option using the arrow and press Enter again. Then select the Second Boot Device item and set the value of Hard Disk in it. After that, go to the Bios main menu, select Save and Exit Setup and confirm the saving of changes. Now your operating system will boot from disk.
After completing the necessary steps to install Windows or diagnose the system, return to the previous boot order, otherwise the boot process from the disk will be performed again and again. To do this, log in again to Bios, open the Advanced Bios Features menu. Then select the item First Boot Device, set it to the value of Hard Disk. In Second Boot Device, set the value of Cd-Rom.

Video: How To Set Your BIOS To Boot From DVD or CD

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How to configure BIOS for disk

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How to configure BIOS for disk

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