Windows 10 - Bluetooth! Adding, Connecting, Disconnecting & Fixing Bluetooth Audio Devices

How to connect an audio device

You will need
  • - audio cables.
Check the operation of the speakers, pre-connecting them together with acoustic wires. Plug them into a network and connect to any of the previously configured audio output devices. Make sure they work well and go to the audio device setup. It can be an optical disc player, a computer sound card, a home multimedia player, a regular portable audio player or a telephone, a vinyl player and other devices.
Adjust the audio output device to the optimum volume level, connect it to the power supply and connect the speakers, carefully observing the color scheme. Please note that some wires have the same colors, in this case they may differ in the inscriptions on them, in any case, when buying, check with the seller for any differences.
It is best to connect using the cables that come bundled with the devices, and if you don�t have any, buy them at stores selling radio equipment or order them online.Poor quality wires have a short lifespan and can harm your audio system, so do not buy such products in questionable outlets.
After connecting the device to the speakers, configure the settings. It is best to turn on the maximum speaker volume level by changing this setting only in the audio output device, which is convenient if you use other players besides it using these speakers.
Also note the location of the speaker wires in your room. It is best that they do not come into contact with heat sources, be not damaged when people move around the room and are located along its perimeter. If possible, hide them in the printer, this will extend their life.

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How to connect an audio device

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