Korean Dish ( Kuksi ) Tutorial

How to cook kuksi

Products required for cooking

To make kuksi, you need the following ingredients: 600-700 g of spaghetti or special thin noodles, 400 g of beef, 2-3 chicken eggs, 4-5 fresh cucumbers, 3-4 tomatoes, 1 large eggplant, 2-3 onions, 200-300 g of white cabbage, 1 Bulgarian pepper, 2-3 cloves of garlic, a bunch of cilantro, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, ground chili pepper, ground coriander, black ground pepper, paprika, vegetable oil.
Kuksi is full of satiety, but is not accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. The only disadvantage of the dish is that cooking kuksi takes a long time. However, there are many options for kuksi, so you can fantasize using your own work.

Kuksi recipe

First you need to prepare vegetables. Eggplant is peeled and cut into thin strips. Then it is salted, thoroughly mixed and left under pressure for a quarter of an hour.Tomatoes, except for one, are scalded with boiling water, peeled and finely cut. A portion of onion finely chopped, sweet peppers cut into strips.
On heated vegetable oil until golden brown fry onions. Tomatoes are added to it and the vegetables are stewed for 3-4 minutes. Then enter the pressed eggplant. Vegetables are cooked, tightly closing the pan with a lid, stirring occasionally. Vegetable mix seasoned with chopped garlic, chili and fresh herbs. Ready salad shift in a deep plate.
Beef, cut into small pieces, fried in vegetable oil and leave the meat to stew under the lid. When the beef is soft, remove the lid and fry the meat for the second time, watering with soy sauce. Meat is also put on a separate plate.
Thinly chop cabbage, salt and squeeze until juice appears. Cucumbers are cleaned from the skin and cut into half rings. One cucumber should be left to cook broth. For both salads, a thinly chopped remaining onion is cooked. In the process of roasting, add a little chili pepper to the onion. Frying is divided into 2 parts and mixed with cabbage and cucumbers.Both salads are seasoned with a small amount of vinegar.
Chicken eggs, beat with a fork, pre-salted. In a heated frying pan with vegetable oil, golden egg pancake is baked to be rolled. Ready roll cut into thin strips.
Boil spaghetti and rinse with boiled water. After that, the noodles are laid out in portions. It remains to cook kuximuri, a special broth. Chilled boiled water is salted to taste, add a little sugar, vinegar and soy sauce. The remaining tomato and cucumber are cut into strips and put into broth.
Spaghetti poured kuksimuri. Broth should completely close the noodles. Top placed on a tablespoon of cabbage and cucumber salad, stewed meat and vegetable mix. In the central part put noodles, cooked from egg pancake.

Video: Korean Noodle Soup (Guksu: 국수)

Cold noodle soup (Mul-naengmyeon: 물냉면)
How to cook kuksi

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