Healthy Baby Food Recipe - Semolina Porridge l Suji Halwa/Upma l Porridge for Baby l 6+ months

How to cook semolina porridge baby

You will need
  • - a metal plate with a capacity of 250 ml (or the smallest pan)
  • - 1 tbsp. l semolina
  • - 1 tsp. Sahara
  • - a pinch of salt
  • - 200 ml of milk 2.5% fat
  • - 50 ml of water
  • - 3 black currant berries
  • - 1 tbsp. l raspberry jam
  • - 1 tbsp. l butter
Pour in a bowl of milk and water. Water is necessary so that milk does not run away. Set fire to maximum. Cooking semolina requires constant presence, so do not go away anywhere. The cooking process itself will take 10-15 minutes. Prepare a larger container in advance, put it in the kitchen sink and fill it with ice water. In it porridge will be cooled after preparation.
Wait until the milk warms up well. It is not necessary to bring it to a boil. Switch the heat to medium power and salt the milk. Stir in a tablespoon of semolina and a teaspoon of sugar. Continue to slowly stir until the porridge reaches the consistency you need. Consider that semolina porridge tends to thicken even after it is removed from the fire.
Using a dishcloth or mittens to avoid burns, take a plate of porridge and place it in a bowl of cold water. Stir the porridge, add a tablespoon of oil. In cold water, a plate of porridge should be held for 5-7 minutes to make the temperature comfortable for eating food.
Children love the elements of the game, so at the end decorate the porridge with berries and jam in the form of a cute face. From the berries should make the eyes and nose, and jam to draw a smile. In addition to black currant, you can use any other berry of dark shades, and instead of raspberry jam - any red jam. Serve white loaf sandwiches with curd cheese. Brew herbal tea and invite your child to breakfast.
If you do not want to stand at the stove, cook semolina in a slow cooker. Pour half a glass of semolina, a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt into the crock-pot. Fill with five volumetric cups of milk, add a tablespoon of butter and turn on the “Milk porridge” mode. The execution time of this program is 30 minutes.
Do not panic if there is no milk. Not necessarily early in the morning to run to the store for this ingredient.A tablespoon of condensed milk or three tablespoons of powdered milk, diluted in 250 ml of water, can replace milk. Sugar in the case of condensed milk is not necessary to add.
Involve the child in cooking semolina. Put a robe on him and let him perform simple actions. For example, pour cold water to cool the porridge in it, or wash the berries. Tell your child about the benefits of semolina for the stomach. You can also show that semolina can not only cook, she can still draw. To do this, pour a little semolina in a flat plastic plate of bright color. Let the child draw with your fingers. So you will develop the fine motor skills of your baby, and increase your interest in semolina.

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Homemade Baby Food Recipe - Banana Suji Halwa, Sheera / Banana Semolina Pudding
How to cook semolina porridge baby

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How to cook semolina porridge baby

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