How to Overcome Fear

How to cope with fears

If your fear comes from childhood and is associated with mystical characters, then you first need to deal with them, as they leave a negative imprint on your entire adult life. You must realize that the fear of the dark or the spirits have nothing to do with reality, it is just a figment of your imagination. It’s like an inflating bubble with nothing inside. Understand that it is you who inflate it and stop doing it.
Repeat your name. This will help you to return to reality, turn on the analysis and feel confident in space. Also, the name you repeat will take you back to your childhood, when you were often called by name and when you were most protected.
Do not close your eyes, but on the contrary - open them as wide as possible, look around, look at the objects that surround you, name them. You will admit that this strange shadow in the corner is not a strange creature, but only a wooden wardrobe.
If you are afraid of some upcoming events, then most likely you will increase their scale. Are you afraid of losing a loved one, speaking at work or failing an exam? Calmly think whether there are objective reasons to be afraid. Use paper, write out the reasons for fear. You will clearly see how small and ridiculous they are.
Since fear at the very beginning has not such bright forms, learn to stop on time. Literally say to yourself: "So, stop." It is precisely the regular spinning of fear in your head, the search for new sides of it that thickens the colors so much that you already begin to forget how you lived without this fear. Therefore, analyze the situation in time and stop thinking about it.
The respiratory technique helps to cope with fear, especially in difficult cases, for example, during natural disasters or in criminal situations. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale at least 10 times. This will help you calm down, gather strength and thoughts.
The method of bringing fear to the limit is quite difficult, but most often it helps to defeat all phobias.

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Images: How to cope with fears How to cope with fears
Images: How to cope with fears How to cope with fears