How To Create A Strong Female Character

How to create a strong female character in a novel or script

Be a mean author at the beginning. Let readers and viewers underestimate your character in the plot of the story. This will give her the opportunity to prove herself in the future and prove them wrong. Compare Sarah Connor at the beginning of the first Terminator and in the final scenes of the film, not to mention the Day of Judgment.
Follow the rule of thumb of the author of psychological thrillers Alex Cava, "make a woman stronger than a weapon." Give your heroine Lara Croft's physical training, Clarissa Sterling's intelligence in Silence of the Lambs, Melanie Wilks's female wisdom in Gone with the Wind, or another quality that will give her character strength and stamina.
Be afraid to make the heroine tough or insensitive, do not forget that she is a woman, not a superhero. Leave enough room for the ordinary, something normal and even ordinary, with which readers and viewers will be able to identify themselves.Even Kate Beckett in the series “Castle” and Rita Vratarski in “The Edge of the Future” have a certain amount of femininity and vulnerability.
Make your female protagonist suffer. Suffering can be a convincing catalyst of character strength. If the heroine has a difficult past, for example, she lost a loved one or was attacked, then she has something that needs to be overcome, and a reason to be strong.
Let your heroine seriously fear something or even be afraid. For example, Scarlett O’Hara was afraid to give vent to emotions after experiencing misfortune, and Rose in “Titanic” - fate, prepared by her mother and fiance. Protagonists who fear nothing produce the impression of artificial creatures, just as in life there are no absolutely fearless people. Fear will make the character more real and increase its potential in overcoming obstacles in the course of plot development.

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The Only Thing You Need to Know About Writing Strong Female Characters
How to create a strong female character in a novel or script

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