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How to Dance "Hare Hare Yukai"

Hare Hare Yukai is the ending to the anime series, Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). It's a great song to dance to, but there are specific dance steps that you will need to follow. It's very impressive once you can dance to this.


  1. Decide your character.If you are a girl, you should choose, Mikuru Asahina, Haruhi Suzumiya, or Yuki Nagato.If you are a boy you will want to choose Kyon or Itsuki Koizumi. Keep in mind that Yuki, Haruhi, and Mikuru appear at the beginning of the dance and stay there, until they end, while Kyon and Itsuki will begin to dance after the first verse of song.
  2. (optional) Get your costumes.You can easily find out what the characters wear, and try to cosplay. It will be hard to make costumes if you don't know how to sew, and buying them will cost you money. You don't have to cosplay.
  3. Find a space where you can practice.It should have a computer nearby so that you can listen to the song or watch a youtube tutorial.
  4. Keep watching the dance steps and memorizing them.Do it part by part and it will be much easier.
  5. There are a few parts that most find especially tricky:when Haruhi points up, to the side, up and then wings her hand before the words start, when Haruhi moves her arms before Kyon and Itsuki come in and the bit at the ending.
  6. Do the first hard part:(with right hand)
    • Point up with your right hand, while keeping your left arm on your hip!
    • Point left, with your whole arm being a 180 degree angle. Obviously you can't point a 180 angle just standing straight; it will not work. To achieve this step, simply turn your torso 45 degrees towards the left and point left. This should make your right shoulder pointing forward.
    • From pointing left, move your hand over your face while simultaneously making it a "jazz hand".
    • Keeping your "jazz hand", only move your elbow to make your arm straight on the right side. This move should look like a semi-circle.
  7. Do the second hard part:(both arms)
    • Put both of your arms straight up.
    • Bend your arms into you... bring them down.
    • Now put them to your sides, still sticking out.
    • Now to your hips, with your elbows locked!
  8. Finally tap your head with your right hand, and keep your left arm on your hip.
  9. Finished.

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  • Don't push yourself too hard. Learn a bit each night and go over them constantly, even if just in your head. Find a way of learning that suits you best.
  • It's not necessary, but you should try to pick the character you look most like. For example, are you a brown haired girl? Try cosplaying Haruhi. Auburn hair? You might want Mikuru. Short haired girl? Yuki.
  • Remember to smile while performing! (unless you are playing Yuki or Kyon, as they don't smile.)
  • If you really want a challenge, you can try to learn the WHOLE dance. Not just the 1:16 one, but the 3:38 dance!! It's not hard if you know the shorter version well.
  • There are great tutorials on Youtube that slow down the music, so that you can practice this dance more easily. Try typing in "Hare Hare Yukai training" in search if you can't find any of these.


  • Drink lots of water while you're dancing. It's great exercise, and you don't want to dehydrate yourself.
  • If you watch a video while doing the dance, make sure it is the mirrored version, or you will be learning the dance backwards!
  • If you buy costumes, buy them from a trustworthy source!
  • Learn the full thing if you try to do it in public.
  • Don't sing along with the words if you don't know them.
  • Don't try to do this dance in front of a huge Haruhi fan If you haven't mastered. You might look stupid!

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