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How to decompose tiles

Before layingtile, you need to check the surface. It should be dry, flat and smooth. If you are going to puttilein a wooden house, the floor will have to be covered with 12 mm plywood tiles. Thus, in the end, you get a flattened surface. Best to puttileon concrete floors. Note, they should not have a waterproofing layer. If the concrete floor has irregularities, then they must be filled with a special solution that levels the level.
Successful tile laying has its secret. It lies in the fact that you need to spare no time for thinking through the location of each tile. We measure out the middle of the long wall of the room and draw a line on the floor using a chalk string. Do not forget to choose the desired angle. The result will be 2 lines that intersect with each other.
Remove the baseboards and door jambs. We try to expandtileOn the floor. This should be done in accordance with the two lines that you already have.It is necessary to experiment. In the end, you need to get the best location. Sometimes you have to move the lines. This is done in order to include more tiles. Try to make sure that the tile was not cut off on all sides against the wall. It will be strongly striking.
You need to start with the application of glue per square meter of floor in the corner, which was formed by a chalk cord in the center of the room. We presstileto the floor and lightly press down. Pressure will be applied to the adhesive base. The marking line will serve as a guide. Need to move along one selected line. Fold outtileuntil the whole space treated with glue closes.
Then you need to move from the center of the room to the walls. Direction must be respected at all times. We block with tiles first one half of the room, then the other. It is necessary to wait for the glue to dry completely.

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How to decompose tiles

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