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How to determine body temperature without a thermometer

You will need
  • - pork fat.
The first method is known to almost everyone. You need to touch the forehead of the sick lips or eyelids. If there is a fever, the second person will notice this very quickly. You can touch the hand, but since the skin is coarser, it will be much more difficult to understand the difference.
Check your pulse. When the body temperature rises by one degree, the pulse increases on average by 10 beats per minute. Those. if your pulse is 30 beats more than usual, then your temperature is about forty degrees. But this method is only suitable for those who know their “working” pulse. And, of course, before the measurement you should not perform physical activities, use tea, coffee or smoke.
Use the stopwatch for timing.
When the temperature is raised or lowered, the body itself responds to these changes. At low temperatures, you will experience drowsiness and weakness. Will you have a cool body, especially your forehead and chest ?.You will feel apathy, and you may feel tingling in the limbs.

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How to determine body temperature without a thermometer

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