How to Spot a BOT in PUBG Mobile! (Tips and Tricks)

How to determine the bot

Pay attention to the players' nicknames. The main parameters by which bots can be identified among them are non-originality, simplicity, similarity in design and clan. Non-originality is the presence of a large number of players with the same nickname, which is not the word Player. Players with simple nicknames, such as Conrad, Ivan or Bruce, are also highly likely to be bots. Similar nicknames, for example, FuzzyLogic, HeadShot, are also a sign of a bot. Ultimately, it is rare to meet players of the same clan playing for opposing teams, if you see three or more players with the same clan, but playing against each other, they are highly likely to be bots.
Take a closer look at the movement of players on the server. The movements of the bot are determined by the programmed waypoints, regardless of the level of difficulty that is set for it. A simple bot differs from a complex one only in that it has more intricate routes, so if you see that a player is constantly sitting at the base or going to the same places, you can safely assume that you have found the bot.
Listen to the broadcast.It is rare to meet players who are really actively using text chat or radio teams. Clans playing against each other, and they use TeamSpeak or Skype, especially since simultaneously typing and playing is not very convenient. Noticing a player who constantly uses radio commands and prints to chat, while managing to shoot, be aware that he may be a bot.
The game of an ordinary person is different from the game of the bot in that the person is more inclined to pay attention to parameters such as steps or the possibility of predicting the appearance of the enemy. In a situation in which a person diligently guards one point, and then kills an enemy with one shot from another part of the map, it is minimal.


How to spot a BOT in PUBG Mobile
How to determine the bot

Analyze A Bot Infected Host With Wireshark
How to determine the bot

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