How to give an epic prostate massage & drive him wild with pleasure

How to do prostate massage

Many men suffer from a variety of disorders of the genitourinary system, which is caused by prostate dysfunction. Such a problem arose due to a change in the main field of activity of the stronger sex. There is little movement, a lot of sedentary work, as a result of an uneven blood supply to the prostate gland and the occurrence of various disorders. Variations of problems can be weight, the main thing is that the principle of treatment, and most importantly, prevention is.
The most effective method of dealing with this problem is prostate massage. Prevention about once a year, protect the health of men. Another thing is that getting a healthy man to do prostate massage will be extremely difficult.
Medical practice has developed its own method and its description can be found. Prevention involves about a dozen procedures.
The first two sessions, carried out in the floor force, otherwise the patient may experience some discomfort. Massage make the index finger through the anus.The doctor finds the prostate gland and slides it with sliding movements.
Subsequent sessions provide for a slight pressure on the gland and light massaging movements. The pressure force will increase. The main purpose of this procedure is to cause a rush of blood to the gland.
During the session, the patient should not feel pain. If any, it is worth mentioning. After all, there is always the likelihood of an inflammatory process.
To properly massage the prostate need to have a medical education and appropriate skills. Therefore, the initiative in this regard is unacceptable.
A man should carefully monitor their health. If there is no opportunity to lead an active lifestyle, then activity must be created artificially.

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Images: How to do prostate massage How to do prostate massage
Images: How to do prostate massage How to do prostate massage