How To Draw A Shark

How to draw a shark

Schematic image

Before you start drawing a shark, choose whether it will be calm or toothed and aggressive. The second image is more suitable for people with strong nerves, the first - for children. After all, the little ones should know the representatives of the marine world, let it be more benevolent for them on the canvas.
Start with a sketch of the belly of this big fish. Let it be egg-shaped, stretched to the right and left. The tail is pointed, draw it in the form of a cone. The base of the cone lies on the right side of the ovoid oval, the angle is also directed to the right side - this is the tail.
Now on the left side also create a cone, its height will be 2 times less than the height of the tail. Put one point on the oval where one side of the cone ended at its base. The other is at the end of the second side. Take 2 lines to the left from these markings - these are the sides of the second cone. Sneering, they form the pointed face of a predator. Two cones, passing through the oval, make up the body of the fish from tail to nose. It floats to the left, the back is located at the top.

Head, fins, gills

On the underside of the cone-head, place its mouth. Its cut begins in the middle of this side and goes to the right to the ellipse, slightly crossing it. Below draw the second small rounded line, let the mouth be slightly parted. Draw a small round eye insidious villain and point the left nostril.
The head of the shark is drawn, proceed to the creation of its fins. From this point of view, three are visible. The first picture in the form of a triangle on the back. On the abdomen, draw a fin of the same shape, but slightly smaller. The third begins in the middle of the egg-shaped ellipse-abdomen. To draw it, draw a straight line to the right, then from this point to the beginning of the fin - a rounded line.
Draw gill slits waterfowl. They are located on its sides. From this angle, only the slots on the left are visible. To draw them, draw 4 parallel, slightly rounded in the center of the line.

Tail and teeth

Make the end of the cone tail forked. On the underside of this cone, draw a line with two teeth, such is the tail of a predator on this side.
A zigzag line will help draw shark teeth.Run her inside the open mouth. You need to cancel the auxiliary lines and color the picture with gray and blue paint.
If you want to create a more awesome look, make the shark mouth open. Draw 2 rows of sharp teeth in the upper and lower jaws of the predatory mistress of the sea depths.

Video: How to Draw a Great White Shark Step by Step

How To Draw A Great White Shark
How to draw a shark

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