How to draw an elephant for beginners, children in easy steps.

How to draw an elephant with a pencil in stages

You will need
  • - clean album sheet;
  • - pencils (hard and soft);
  • - eraser;
  • - napkin.
The first thing you need to put in front of a blank sheet horizontally. Pick up a solid pencil and, barely touching them on the sheet, draw two circles of different diameters. The larger circle on the right, the smaller - on the left. Connect the two resulting figures with an arc (hereinafter this will be the neck).
Next, you need all the same hard pencil to outline where the legs and trunk. Here the most important thing is to correctly determine the size of the parts.
The next stage is drawing all the details. It is necessary to arrange the trunk for the elephant, as well as the legs (the length of the legs must be equal to the length of the body).
Once the main lines are ready, you can remove the auxiliary lines with an eraser, then draw the missing details in the picture: ears, tail, eyes and tusks.
You should not overdo it with the size of the animal's eyes, they should be small and round.The optimal length of the tail is half the length of the leg.
To make the picture more believable, it is necessary to lightly shade the elephant's body with a soft pencil, pay special attention to the tail and trunk (they should be a little darker than the rest of the body).
The final stage - the creation of highlights and shadows. It is necessary to shade the pattern neatly, rub it with the help of a napkin in order to slightly “blur” the lines.
Helpful advice
When drawing it is best to put a napkin under your arm, in this case the lines will not be smeared and the drawing will be more accurate.

Video: How to Draw an Elephant Easy

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant
How to draw an elephant with a pencil in stages

How to Draw an Elephant Easy Step by Step
How to draw an elephant with a pencil in stages

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