How to Draw a Cartoon Dog - All breeds, and on different angles!

How to draw dogs of all breeds

Consider dogs

Consider several drawings with dogs. It is better if the animals are depicted next to any other objects - it is easier to determine the size. Pay attention to the line of the back, the shape of the tail and ears, the proportions of the paws, head and torso. Try to mentally "fit" the dog in any geometric shape. For example, it is not by chance that doggy terriers are called �square-format dogs� - they just fit perfectly into a square, and their muzzles have almost the same shape. For drawing you need a sheet of white paper and 2 pencils - hard and soft. You can also make an eraser just in case, but a skilled draftsman can even disguise the unsuccessfully drawn lines so that the viewer will not notice.

Husky, German Shepherd, Like, Malamute

The dog of one of these breeds is better to start drawing from the muzzle. Lay the sheet horizontally. On the left side of the sheet, draw a shape that looks like an elongated diamond. The long axis should be vertical.The bottom sides of the rhombus extend to the sides to the same length. Connect the ends of these new segments in a high arc. Mark the space for standing ears. The back is a curve. The most concave part of it falls on the neck, the most convex - on the sacrum. Draw a torso. It is a wide oval, the long axis of which lies horizontally. The front legs of the dog are strictly vertically, the hind ones are slightly apart. At the first stage, they can be simply marked with lines. Draw triangular ears, round eyes and nose. The tail of the dog can be in the form of a ring or a bean. Draw wool with short strokes across the contour line. Inside the contour, the strokes are arranged as the dog's coat usually grows.


Terriers are better to start drawing with geometric construction. Draw a square, rectangle, or trapezoid, depending on the angle. The line of the back of a terrier is a bit like a horse. These dogs have a high, steep neck. The head is almost at a right angle to the neckline. Mark the places for the ears - they are hanging in terriers, in the figure they look like steep arcs. Mark the legs.Both front and rear are usually slightly apart. With the central line of the torso, they make up two high trapezoids. Draw a docked tail - a strip or a triangle. Wool is better to draw a soft pencil in a circular motion. You can even draw with a very soft pencil, rubbing the strokes with a piece of paper or an eraser.

Chow chow

This dog is very fat, it fits almost perfectly in a circle. Start the circle and start. Divide the diameter, going horizontally, into two approximately equal parts. At this place there will be a notch. Draw the head and back line. In terms of shape, this should most closely resemble two adjacent mountains with a hollow in the middle. Mark the spots for the eyes, nose and folds of the muzzle. Sketch short legs (because of the long hair it seems that they are about 4 times less than the height of the dog). Draw round eyes, arc-shaped ears. Draw contours with a zigzag line.


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How to draw dogs of all breeds

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