Drawing On Water-It is So Surreal!

How to draw on water

You will need
  • Water, oil paints, thinner, brushes, paper, capacity.
First you need to prepare the paints themselves. Dilute them with a solvent, independently adjusting the consistency. In a separate small container with water, check the consistency. Drops of paint, when they hit the water, should not fall to the bottom of the tank, while their color should remain fairly intense.
Think over the picture you are going to paint in advance. Prepare the shades you need by mixing the primary colors in advance. Oil paints in water do not mix, and therefore to achieve the desired color in the process of drawing will not work.
In a large container, collect clean water. Choose the size of the container based on the size of the paper on which you will transfer the image.
At the beginning of the whole process of drawing you can create a general background of the picture. Gently brush paint spray colors you need on the water. To paint, spread over the surface of the water, acquired the characteristic marble patterns, the water must be shaken.According to the technique of drawing pictures on the water, it can be shaken with a brush after applying the paint, you can blow on the water, dispersing the paint. You can also shake a little water by hand before applying the first drops of paint. At this stage you can adjust the intensity of the background, as well as combine colors of several colors.
After applying the background you can go to the main picture. Drawings are worn with a brush in the form of drops. Combining the necessary colors and placing the drops at the right distance from each other, they are shaped, divided or mixed. For shaping, use a clean brush. Paint in a drop can be placed directly on top of each other. Due to the fact that they do not mix, interesting combinations of colors are obtained. In the same way created and contours of drawings.
After the drawing is ready, you can proceed to the stage of transferring it to paper. It is desirable that it was watercolor. It may prefer a different type of paper, but note that its surface must be rough. This condition is mandatory, otherwise, the image may not be transferred to paper. Lay the sheet face down on the surface of the water.Take the brush and it, without drowning the paper, smooth the sheet to the water. Thus, treat the entire surface of the paper.

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How to draw on water

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