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How to drink vodka

Drink onlyvodka: if you start a feast with this drink, do not "mix" it with other alcohol. From wine tovodkaYou can go, on the contrary - no. After one “obligatory” glass of champagne, for example, for the New Year, have a good snack and go tovodka.
Put thevodkain the cold before serving. It is enough if the drink has cooled down to -8-10 C. Drink alcohol in small sips, drink in one gulp is considered a bad form. 2-3 hours before the feast, drink 50 grams of vodka, which will prepare the body for the load. Make a sandwich with butter, drink a beaten egg. Serve meat, flour, spicy dishes, pancakes with caviar, pickles, dumplings, hodgepodge, jellied meat, etc.
Build cups out of watermelon or melon. You can cut a jar of cucumbers, pre-cut them in half and take out the pulp. It is better to put such a “dish” on a special tray so that nothing accidentally spills onto the table and tablecloth.
Consumevodkabefore eating, eating tight.Fill the glasses for two-thirds of their volume or completely, at the request of guests. This duty is assigned to the owner of the house or the person who was asked about it. Say a toast first, then drink. As a rule, the first glass is drunk completely, then everyone decides individually on the amount of alcohol consumed.
Do not equatevodkato the cure. Yes, 30-50 grams of strong alcohol will relieve tension and relieve from stress, this amount has a protective effect in the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as radiation sickness. But the excess of the permissible volume will have a detrimental effect on the state of the organism.
Wash downvodkanot carbonated water, for example, juices. Otherwise, intoxication will come very soon and you will not be able to control this process.
Can drinkvodkaon "brotherhood", going "you." Suppose you want to consolidate your friendship with anyone.

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How to drink vodka

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