How you're drying yourself off after a shower could affect your health

How to dry your body

Go to the fat burning program. During the winter, you have increased the performance in the bench press and squats. Biceps swollen, shoulders became wider. Say thank you to your fitness trainer. However, strength and muscle building programs need to temporarily say no. At least until the end of the beach season.
What is the program that burns fat? First of all, these are complex power movements so that the muscles continue to grow even during the period of such training. Secondly, intense fat burning supersets. Dilute all this with a pair of three exercises to diversify your workout.
Pay more attention to cardio. Running in the morning, swimming in the summer waters, riding a bicycle are all fun, interesting and beneficial for the body. A waste of calories leads to the burning of body fat. Of course, if you do not recover these stocks due to improper nutrition.
Eat right.Yes, nutrition is one of the most important points in our plan. Slow carbohydrates eat in the morning. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, since they become cheaper in the summer. Do not arrange yourself a hearty lunch and dinner. Try to minimize meat consumption. Proteins can also be obtained from other products, such as cottage cheese, milk, eggs, nuts, cheese. And in meat, besides proteins, there are still quite a few fats that you were going to fight.
Drink more. And not soda, beer and liquor, and water. In addition to water, you can pour in kvass and juices, if possible, natural.
Watch out for discipline. The above three points must be observed at the same time, without pauses and compromises. Then in the end you will be able to achieve the desired result, namely the relief muscles.
Lead a healthy lifestyle and set an example to others.

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How to dry your body

How to dry your body

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