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How to extend the authority of the director in 2019

You will need
  • forms of relevant documents, company documents, director�s documents, company�s seal, pen.
If there are several founders of an enterprise, they need to assemble a council of founders. The participants of the constituent assembly decide on the extension of the powers of the current head of the organization. Make this decision in the form of a protocol, which is assigned a number and date of its preparation. The document is signed by the chairman of the constituent assembly and the secretary, indicating their surnames, names, patronymic names, sealed by the seal of the company.
If the founder of the company is the only one, he makes the sole decision and signs it himself, stamps the organization.
Minutes of the constituent assembly or the decision of the sole founder serves to issue an order to extend the powers of the director of the enterprise. It is assigned a personnel number and the date of its writing.The document indicates the date from which the actions of the head of the company can be considered legal. It is signed by the first person of the organization, indicating the name and initials and stamped by the company.
Since the term of the employment contract with the director of the enterprise has expired, an additional agreement is drawn up to it, in which the fact of the extension of his authority is specified. The document is assigned a sequence number. Signs on the one hand the head of the organization as an employee, on the other hand - he, like the employer, sets the date of signing the agreement, certifies the seal of the company.
If the first person of the company is the sole founder of the company, there is no need to enter into an employment contract. Confirmation of the powers of the director will be his sole decision to entrust the powers of the head.

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Extend in Authority // Ryan Baker-Barnes // Sunday 18.02.2018
How to extend the authority of the director in 2019

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How to extend the authority of the director in 2019

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