How To Extract Images/Photos from Microsoft Office Word Doc Files

How to extract pictures from files

The easiest and most accessible way for everyone is to “take a picture” of the screen when the desired image is displayed on it, and then save the image using any graphic editor, such as Paint. To do this, open the document on the page with the image and adjust its size.
If you are working with a PDF file, use the “+” and “-” buttons located on the toolbar of the viewing application to resize the page andPictureson it. If you have a Word document in front of you, the easiest way is to scale the image by scrolling the mouse wheel while holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
After the picture on the screen becomes the desired size, press the Prt Sc key to take a “screenshot” (screen shot). Then open the Paint graphic editor (you can find it in the list of programs from the Start menu) and simultaneously press the Ctrl and V keys - this is the standard Paste command that is used to extract the copied fragment from the operating system's clipboard.
Cut the background aroundPictures. To do this, first select the “Select” tool, then “circle” the image with the mouse cursor, and right-click, select the “Crop” command in the context menu. All that remains is to save the image by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl and S keys. By default, the image will be saved in PNG or BMP format (depending on the OS version), but you can specify JPEG as the type of the final file.
In addition, you can download PDF Image Extraction Wizard from the official developer site at Run the application after installation, specify the page of the document from which you want to extract the image and save it in the folder you specified.

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How to extract pictures from files

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