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How to feed a dog in 2019

Feeding dogs must be strictly limited in time. The frequency of feeding dogs of different ages must be different. Many owners are used to leaving small portions of food for their pets in their bowls in case the dog wants to eat. This cannot be done for many reasons. For example, it can lead to obesity and a variety of health problems. Try to establish a clear diet, feed your dog daily at the same time. You can leave food for 20-30 minutes after your pet eats, but then all the leftovers must be removed. If you have an adult pet, and you do not know how much food it should consume, consult your veterinarian.
Do not disregard the periods of nutrition that your dog misses. Refusal to eat may indicate that she has any disease. However, worrying ahead of time is also not worth it. Diseases are usually accompanied by additional symptoms, such as vomiting, sluggish behavior, etc. If you are watching this for a pet, be sure to contact the veterinarian.If you don’t notice anything unusual about refusing food, there’s nothing to worry about. Dogs can spend a long time without food, it's not scary.
Some dog owners are interested in whether it is possible to feed these animals with vegetables and fruits. Many veterinarians believe that this is a good addition to the diet, which must be used. Vegetable food helps to improve digestion, as well as reduce calorie and fat content of food. However, it should be used only as an addition to the main, meat dish. In addition, not all products of plant origin can be used. For example, raisins, grapes and onions are highly dangerous for a dog’s health.
There are certain general guidelines for feeding dogs regarding frequency and diet. However, they may differ depending on the breed and individual characteristics that need to be discussed with a veterinarian. In general, puppies under the age of 8 months should be fed by the mother, do not separate them from her during this period. Such nutrition provides them with all the necessary substances. If before the expiration of 8 weeks puppies begin to switch to solid food, try to select a special food for them containing enough calcium, protein and calories.Feed them 4 times a day. Starting from the 9th week, feeding should be carried out twice a day.
At the age of 3 to 6 months, most puppies begin to cut their teeth, they may experience discomfort, sometimes their appetite is lost. Continue to feed them as usual. If they refuse food for a long time, contact your veterinarian. Dogs are still puppies until they are one year old, so you need to continue to monitor the quality of their food. The food that you give them should be made on the basis of natural meat, but not from secondary meat products, corn or wheat. Adult dogs must be fed 2 times a day with feed of the same brand. If you decide to change it, do it gradually, mixing feed in different proportions.

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How to feed a dog in 2019

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