Managing 3-4 Week Old Pepper Seedlings/Seed Starts: Germination, Thinning & Feeding - TRG 2015

How to feed seedlings pepper

Pepper seeds before planting

In order for the seeds to sprout well, they must be awakened. This procedure is simple. To do this, hold the seeds in a warm steam bath for 30 minutes, then wrap them in a damp cloth, refrigerate for 1.5-2 hours. Take any growth stimulant, prepare a solution from it in which you place the seeds for 20 minutes, then you can safely plant them in the ground.

Fertilizer for pepper

When you plant seeds in the first tank, you need to enter a suitable irrigation system. Choose for these purposes a weak solution of fertilizer with a high content of potassium. Feed the pepper according to the following scheme:
- First, every day for 1 h. Spoon of fertilizer;
- after 2 weeks increase the amount of fluid, only the soil should not be too wet.
Ordinary mineral fertilizers are suitable as a fertilizer: azofos and ash. Feed these peppers in accordance with the above scheme.
Increase the amount of feeding during the picking. But do not change the composition of the fertilizer.Organic fertilizers are prohibited for pepper, as well as manure. These fertilizers will bring a lot of trouble in the future - they will develop a part of the plant that will be above the ground, but the roots will not even be affected.

Fertilizers for pepper in the garden

Before planting peppers for summer residence, prepare the soil. Put 1 teaspoonful of fertilizer in the prepared wells for pepper. Bulgarian pepper does not tolerate chlorine, so carefully study the composition of the fertilizer. As soon as you put the fertilizer in the wells, cover them with water and wait until it is absorbed. After that, you can begin planting. Just take care not to accidentally damage the roots of the plant. After planting, compact the ground around the Bulgarian pepper. After that, for a week, forget about watering, while the pepper will take root.
As soon as new greens appear on the sprouts, proceed to fertilizing with potassium-free fertilizers with chlorine. Here, too, it is very important not to overwet the soil, water the Bulgarian pepper with fertilizers 1 time in a fortnight. More he does not need.

Why feed pepper

Often, newcomers to gardeners wonder why feed pepper at all.Bulgarian pepper can be attributed to the capricious vegetables. When it lacks nutrients, you can not even think about a good harvest. Therefore, to feed pepper must be approached in good faith, so that in the fall to enjoy the results of their work.

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Images: How to feed seedlings pepper How to feed seedlings pepper
Images: How to feed seedlings pepper How to feed seedlings pepper