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How to feed tomatoes in August in the greenhouse

August is the time of active ripening of tomatoes. But since it is in this month, in most regions of Russia, the days are still quite warm, and the nights are very cold, condensation forms in the greenhouses, and the humidity in the structure increases. And after all, it is a wet environment that provokes the development of fungal diseases - the first cause of death of tomatoes. Since in August it is possible to feed tomatoes only with liquid fertilizers, it is very important to observe the proportions of applying additional fertilizers in order to feed the culture with the necessary elements by their actions and at the same time not increase the air humidity in the greenhouse.

As for the fertilizers themselves, in August tomatoes can be fed with urea. Fertilizing on the basis of this drug will positively affect the immunity of plants, which will allow the culture to withstand various diseases and continue to successfully bear fruit. However, overdoing with the introduction of feeding is not worth it, under one bush enough to make 2-3 liters of the composition (a tablespoon of urea in a bucket of water).

You can feed the tomatoes and a solution of ash (500 grams of dry product per 10 liters of water). Although the composition is less effective compared to the previous one, however, due to this feeding, the ripening of fruits can be significantly accelerated. Make ash solution must be directly under the root of the plants in the calculation of two or three liters per bush.

If there are still quite a lot of small immature fruits on the plants, then it is necessary to conduct foliar nutritional top dressing. To do this, in a bucket of water, dilute a tablespoon of urea, 250 grams of wood ash and spray the culture with the composition. In addition to the fact that the procedure will favorably affect the rate of ripening of tomatoes, it will also serve as the prevention of fungal diseases.

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How to feed tomatoes in August in the greenhouse

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How to feed tomatoes in August in the greenhouse

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