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How to fight sea pirates

The intensified fight against pirates began in 2008. Since that time, the European Union began the naval operation "Atalanta". Initially, the mission was planned until the end of 2013, but in February 2012 it was decided to extend the anti-piracy operation for another year.
The mission involved military ships, mainly frigates, sixteen European countries, as well as ships of the Navy of Russia. They patrol and escort merchant ships delivering UN humanitarian aid to Somalia. At the same time, up to 7 ships participate in the patrol, constantly alternating. In addition, from the second half of 2012, the Ukrainian AN-26 aircraft will take part in the actions.
Since 2009, NATO has announced the start of the naval operation Ocean Shield. As part of this campaign, NATO ships have joined the coalition of the EU countries and are helping to control a dangerous region. In addition, the goal of the Ocean Shield is to help countries in the region develop and implement their own anti-piracy measures. The NATO mission was also extended until the end of 2014.
When pirates are detected, the warships rush to the site of the attack and drive them away with warning shots. Most often this is enough, and the pirates hurriedly removed. If they still manage to ascend the ship, the military does not intervene, fearing for the fate of the crew.
Today, the possibility of the destruction of pirate bases located on the coast of Somalia is being actively discussed. The need to expand the mandate for the forces involved in Operation Atalanta, the conformity of such changes to the requirements of the UN Security Council is being carefully studied. Conditions of opening fire will be extremely harsh, we are talking only about the point of strikes from aircraft or ships, without disembarking military troops on land. The danger of civilian casualties should be completely excluded.

Video: Somali Pirates VS Ship's Private Security Guards

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How to fight sea pirates

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