how to track any parcel in indian post office

How to find sent parcel

You will need
  • Parcel, tracking number of the parcel, the Internet.
Even when sending, specify the tracking number of the parcel: it is he who will allow you to track its current location. If you do not have a number, send a request for issuing it to the service through which you sent mail, indicating the date of dispatch and the addresses of the sender and recipient. A tracking number is as follows: two Latin letters, followed by a nine-digit number, and then two more Latin letters indicating the abbreviated name of the country of dispatch.
To check the location of the parcel sent by the Russian postal service use the site Click on "Services and Services," then select "Track Mail" located in the right pane. In the window that appears, enter the mail ID, click the "Search" button.
The same can be done using the above tracking number, rather than a post ID on the site Enter the number in the orange line immediately below the site header, then click on "Search".
You can use the sites that provide information about any parcels sent by any service. Go to, from the proposed postal services, find the desired one and enter the number in the corresponding window, then click on "Track!".
Another site with a broader list - Scroll to the list of postal services, select the one you want from the list, click on it with the mouse, enter the number in the new window on the new page (in the first window), then press Enter.

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How to find sent parcel

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How to find sent parcel

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