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How to fix an entry in the workbook

You will need
  • Instructions for completing the work book
If you make a mistake in the design of the title page of the workbook, then you should cross out the wrong entry, and above it to enter the correct information. After that, on the inside of the workbook crust, we make the following entry: for example, "Ivanov's name is corrected to Petrov on the basis of passport data or marriage certificate of the series ____ № ________ from such and such date, month, year". Next, we indicate the name and initials of the person responsible for maintaining labor books. This record must be stamped with a stamp stamp. The same applies to other information about the owner of the workbook - name, age, education. All this is corrected and we make an entry on the crust of the workbook in a similar way.
If you make an error in the entry in the column "Information about the work": transfer, assignment of qualification category,in no way do we cross out the name of the enterprise, as many ignorant personnel do, by making the wrong entry below: “to believe in the corrected one”, and put up a stamp seal.
How this is done correctly: below the wrong entry, we are making a new, but already correct entry. We affix the next serial number of the new record, we enter the correct information in the columns “date”, “information about the work”, “on the basis of which the record was made (document, its date and number). If these changes relate to the record of dismissal, then we make out a new record accordingly: put the signature of the employee of the personnel service and certify it with the official stamp.
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According to the previous legislation, only the employer who produced it could correct an incorrectly entered employment record. Now the situation has changed. In accordance with paragraphs 27 and 28 of the Rules, it is possible to make changes in the workbooks at the new place of work of an employee on the basis of the official document of the employer that made a mistake.
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In case of detection of an incorrect or inaccurate entry in the workbook, its correction is made at the place of work where the corresponding entry was made,or by the employer at the new place of work on the basis of the official document of the employer that made a mistake. In this case, the employer is obliged to render the necessary assistance to the employee (paragraph 27 of the Rules).

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How to fix an entry in the workbook

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