How To Deal With Front/Back Focusing Issues Of Camera+Lens Combinations

How to fix back focus

Take your camera to a certified service center. But not always it can be done quickly - far or once. Yes, and it is worth repairing and adjusting photographic equipment for decent money, but if this is not a problem, this option will be most suitable for beginners.
Perform mechanical alignment of the camera. The majority of SLR cameras have one or two eccentrics under the mirror, leveling the plane of automatic focusing. If you shift them, the sharpness zone will change. The difficulty of the operation is that it is possible to turn ah only at a small angle, because the walls interfere. To intercept you need different keys, bent at different angles. You will also need a small mirror to photograph / remember the original position of the eccentric, so that if necessary you can return everything back.
Secure the front lens in the slots that allow the glass to rotate with three bolts. When rotating the lens goes down a little or rises up.This is the essence of adjustment. Carefully peel off the decorative ring to access the screws. This can be done by gently prying it with a needle. Turn the lens and tighten the screws again without much effort. If you turn the lens counter-clockwise, the screws should be unscrewed a little more, then that the frame will rise.
If you can not eliminateback focusmechanically, when shooting from two to three meters, transfer body weight to the front foot. Push it forward a little and focus. Without releasing the shutter button, restore body weight and press the “shutter” all the way. The camera will move 20-30 cm back. That will be quite enough to compensate for the average errorback focusa.
Keep in mind that all attempts to self-adjust the focus mechanically will deprive you of free warranty service, so you do all this at your own peril and risk.

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Images: How to fix back focus How to fix back focus
Images: How to fix back focus How to fix back focus