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How to Get a Cute and Loving Puppy

What kind of puppy do you want? Would it be a 3 month old, or a 13 year old? A small dog, or a big mastiff? Would you be willing to put lots of time, (and possibly money) into the training, care, and possible rehabilitation of a dog? Do you have a family? Would a dog fit in with your lifestyle and schedule? If so, maybe a dog or puppy is right for you, and to help you choose the right one, read on!!!!


  1. List a whole bunch of puppies that you would like.List breeds that you like, list the specific gender you are looking for (if you care), list the temperament, the color, and possibly the personality.
  2. Do your research.Look up the history of the specific breeds you like. Look at their sizes, their habits, their temperament. Are they good with kids? Do they get along with other dogs or other animals? What type of life can you provide them? Is it suitable for that specific breed?
  3. Once you have your list narrowed down to the breed (if you want a purebred) and gender, look at breeders in your area, the humane societies, and the classified adds.Maybe you can rescue and rehabilitate an older dog, or give a puppy a chance. If you can't find one locally, check at other towns. And if you can't find one there either, you might have to have one shipped in from another state.
  4. If you can, go meet the puppy(s) or dog(s).Play with the puppy. Is he/she energetic? Does he/she growl or bite? (However, remember that puppies will often mouth or nip on hands.) If there are litter mates, do they look healthy and are they playful and good tempered?
    • Briefly examine the puppy for possible health issues. Ask to see veterinarian documents.
  5. After you have looked at all possible candidates, it is time to choose.Here would be the time to look at cost. Are you willing to pay that much? If money is not a factor, or the price is reasonable, call the breeder/wherever you are getting the puppy/dog from, and talk to them. If you want, now would be the time to negotiate price.
  6. Pick up your puppy, or have them come to you!!!!! Have everything ready for the dog when they come, to make the transition easier. Now see how they react with your other animals/children. If you like what you see, then welcome your new family member home!!!!
  7. Take the puppy to the veterinarian for a checkup and shots.If there is something wrong with the puppy, consider returning it. Some shelters will take back animals with shelter-borne diseases for treatment.

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    How can we tell if the puppy is already trained to do stuff?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Try giving different commands, such as "Sit", "Speak", and "Lie down", and see what he does.
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  • tricks are always fun to teach. Find some books, or use the internet, and learn what types of tricks would be good for your dog to learn!!!!
  • ALWAYS remember to take your puppy/dog to the vets regularly, and if they are sick, get proper medical attention.
  • Remember, puppies have lots of energy, and lots of accidents. It takes practice and patience, so don't give up on him/her!!!!
  • older dogs that are just moving in can get nervous, aggressive, and lethargic. Be patient and loving, and for the first few days/nights, keep it low key to help make the transition smooth.
  • and remember, the day you invite them into your house to stay for good they become a FAMILY MEMBER!!!!!! You wouldn't lock the bathroom door and tell your kids they couldn't go potty, so make sure your dog either has access to outside, or make sure you take them out! And you also wouldn't deprive your kids of water or food. Make sure your puppy gets fed 3-4 times a day, and your older dogs (one year or older) gets fed 1-2 times a day. ALWAYS have fresh water available!!!!!!
  • Never give up on your puppy's behavior. There's always obedience class.


  • NEVER EVER EVER leave your dog outside when you are gone, even if you do have a fence!!!!!!!(invisible or real, don't)
  • watch out for poisonous bugs, snakes and plants. Not only plants outside are poisonous, but a lot of common household plants are too. (any type of lily is poisonous for example.)
  • be careful of other dogs, wild animals, and kids around town. rabid animals are dangerous, as are other dogs. And children from around the neighborhood are notorious for throwing rocks or any other thing they can get their hands on at dogs.
  • be careful using pesticides or any other spray/fertilizer.
  • Watch out for them running away from your property. ALWAYS keep a dog/puppy on a leash, unless you have an invisible fence around your property.

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How to Get a Cute and Loving Puppy
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Discussion on this topic: How to Get a Cute and Loving , how-to-get-a-cute-and-loving/
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