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How to get free products

The easiest way to do this is sampling campaigns (distribution of advertising samples on the street). True, most often in this way distribute booklets or mini-probes. But sometimes during the promotion you can get a full-sized product with the mark “Not for sale”. Chocolates, juice bags, bottles of mineral or carbonated water, hygiene items, animal feed, magazines, chewing gum are all distributed regularly in busy places, usually near transport stops or at street crossings.
If you were handed such a sample, look around - there are probably a couple of distributors nearby. You may well approach them, as a result of collecting three or four packages of advertised goods. However, keep in mind that such actions can be organized for a specific target group. If you do not belong to her, the samples will not give you.
Many interesting things can be found in stores. Read the announcements of sales.Particularly interesting are those that are held in connection with the liquidation of a store. Not bad and the options "three things for the price of two." The conditions are simple - buy two things of the same type and get the third one as a gift. Most often such promotions are held in stores of cheap clothes, knitwear, underwear and accessories.
Pay attention to second-hand stores. There are even more radical sales, at the end of which many things can be obtained for free at all. Especially if you still buy one of them. Keep in mind that these are things "an amateur." But if you really like hippie outfits, this is for you.
Attend industry shows. Closing day in many exhibition centers means that part of the goods will be sold at a symbolic price, or simply distributed to those who wish. It is too expensive for companies (especially foreign ones) exhibiting a product to take it back. In addition, perishable exhibits may simply not reach. Therefore, an armful of luxurious roses or a ceramic mosaic panel can be brought home from an industry exhibition, depending on which particular exhibition you attended.
Cosmetic companies often hold a presentation of their products in the chain of cosmetics stores and major pharmacies. Do not refuse the offer to participate in such presentations. You do not have to buy anything. Show your sincere interest, ask a consultant, hint that you would not mind to familiarize yourself with the brand’s products before buying, at home. Most likely, you will be given a certain number of probes, and sometimes products in mini-packs.
Do you have your own blog? If he is well attended, representatives of companies selling one or another product may contact you with a proposal to test the product and share their opinions about it with readers of the blog. Especially active in this sense, manufacturers of cosmetics. If you consider your blog a success, you can contact the representative offices of these companies directly. In Russia, this kind of cooperation is only developing, but it has great prospects.

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How To Get FREE Makeup sent to you!!
How to get free products

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