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How to get married and do not make mistakes

Decide on life goals. They are all different, and if the people planning a wedding do not match, then you need to seriously think about what will happen next. Having different goals, it is not easy to keep a happy family.
Have a realistic look atmarriageand his chosen one. A serious and mature approach will help to joinmarriageand make no mistake. Remember that there are no perfect spouses and creating a family is a responsibility, not a game. Instead of complaining about the shortcomings of the other, think about your own.
Do not forget thatmarriageimposes new responsibilities. Husband and wife should fulfill certain roles in the family, and not live as before. A man needs to take care of the financial side of the issue, and a woman - to keep order and comfort in the house.
Learn about the difficulties that are fraught withmarriage. Family relationships are not as cloudless as it seems at first glance.For most couples, disagreements are connected with money and they certainly don’t have life pleasures.
Do not go away from the problems during courtship. Quarrels are common and widespread, but they are not enough to solve with a kiss. Discuss the misunderstandings that occur between you. If at the end of the conversation the essence of misunderstanding is revealed, and not a new conflict arises, then, having entered intomarriage, you can find compromises.
Do not dwell on the exterior. It's nice when a loved one is attractive, but, starting only from the exterior, you can be disappointed. Positive inner qualities are what you need for strongmarriagea.
Do not rush things. In order to understand yourself and find out the future partner in life, it takes time. Therefore, do not rush to the wedding. Get to know each other well beforemarriageand only then make an informed choice.
Objectively observe and evaluate.

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Images: How to get married and do not make mistakes How to get married and do not make mistakes
Images: How to get married and do not make mistakes How to get married and do not make mistakes