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How to get rid of the informer on the desktop

You will need
  • Windows installation disk.
The easiest way to disable the advertising window when working with operating systems Windows Seven and Vista. Open the DVD tray and insert the installation disk containing the archive of your operating system into it. You can use the recovery disk if you created it before. Restart the computer while holding the F8 key.
After opening the device selection menu, select the DVD drive with the desired drive. Press a key on the keyboard to confirm the launch of the disc. At the second or third stage of the system setup menu a window will appear with the item “Additional recovery options”. Open this item. Select the “Startup Repair” function and activate this process. After a while, the computer will restart and the virus banner should shut down.
If you are using Windows XP, restart your computer and select "Windows Safe Mode".After the system has booted in this mode, open the “My Computer” menu and go to the Windows directory of the system hard disk volume. Open the System32 folder and turn on file sorting.
Find the dll-files that end with the letters lib. Delete them and restart the computer. Start the normal operating system. If the iforr was not disabled, then visit the following sites:, or Use a mobile phone or other computer for this.
Fill in the proposed fields and click the "Find Code" button. Enter the combinations issued by the sites in the informer field. After entering the correct password, the advertising window closes. Scan the system with an antivirus program or delete the files described in the fourth step.

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How to get rid of the informer on the desktop

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