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How to get salt in the forest

You will need
  • - hazel;
  • - acid;
  • - saline.
In the forest, salt can be mined from wood ash. To do this, you'd better take hardwoods, the ideal option is Hazel. Dry logs and branches burn in a fire to ash.
Pour it into a large pot and cover it with warm, boiled water and mix well. This mixture should be sufficiently long to stand - 3-4 hours or all night. Try the solution to taste. It must be salty.
Add it to meals or evaporate. To do this, carefully remove the top layer and put on fire. You will have a dry sediment in the form of sand. This substance can "salt" food.
In May, in the forest, look for ordinary tiller, it is Borschka or hare salt. Quite dense clusters of this plant can be found near the trunks of adult firs, in shady and damp places.
This grass has no stems, thick leaves in the form of a heart grow directly from the roots. A pinch of acid can replace not only salt, but also tea leaves, lemon, vinegar. That is, in the campaign this find will greatly enrich the taste of your food.
To get salt crystals, you need to evaporate the acidic juice. The plant blooms from late spring to early summer. Oxygen fully straightens all its three leaves, when the sun's rays do not fall on it. In hot weather, weed fades.
In the forest you can find salt marshes. It will be places with low fertility, there grow wormwood, solyanka, prutnyak, sucker, tamariks. The roots of herbs in the salt marsh cover white bloom.
In such a place you need to dig a well, the water in it will be salty. It can be evaporated to get the substance you need.
Or sprinkle half a bucket of saline soil and fill it with water, mix thoroughly. When the solution is infused, carefully pour off the water and discard the soil. Add a new earth to the bucket and fill it with old salt water. When you get a concentrated solution, evaporate it and get the salt.

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How to get salt in the forest

Primitive Technology: Make Salt
How to get salt in the forest

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