Are Your Hormones Out of Whack? Try This Hormone Test at Home

How to get tested for hormones

�Hormonal disorders can lead to the development of many diseases. For example, if an insufficient amount of hormones produces the pituitary gland, then the child will lag behind in terms of height and weight, infertility may develop in a woman, and the man will not experience sexual attraction. If the production of hormones by the pituitary gland is higher than normal, then the person will suffer from headaches, his eyesight problems will begin, and his arms and legs may increase.
�In case of a violation of the thyroid gland, the patient may experience insomnia, severe weakness and drowsiness, cramps and pain in the joints, constipation, chills, memory loss, deafness, nervousness.
�With insufficient production of the hormone insulin, the pancreas can develop diabetes mellitus, and improper production of the hormone leptin causes obesity.
�The doctor may assume that the patient has hormonal disorders already at the first examination, after seeing certain symptoms, and suggest laboratory testing.It should be noted that it is correct to take tests for hormones - a necessary condition for reliable results, and, accordingly, a correct diagnosis. Therefore, such an analysis must be carefully prepared.
�Before donating blood for hormones, the patient must starve: usually about 12 hours. On the day of analysis, it is forbidden to drink liquid (water, tea, coffee, etc.) in the morning. Do not smoke or chew gum.

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Hormone Tests - How To Balance Hormones & Fertility Issues
How to get tested for hormones

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