How to hang wallpaper on a ceiling, by Rob Leon

How to glue wallpaper to the ceiling alone

For low ceilings, wallpapers that have light colors, small and pale patterns are ideal. In rooms with high ceilings, you can stick the wallpaper, which differ in dark colors. A good version of the wallpaper for the ceiling - liquid wallpaper.

Wallpaper pasting tools:

- step ladder;

- capacity for breeding glue;

- construction mixer;

- tape for marking;

- wallpaper knife;

- roller, which has a long handle;

- painting bath;

- rags, brushes.

Surface preparation

Before pasting the ceiling with wallpaper, it is necessary to prepare the surface. Empty the room from the furniture, wash off the whitewash from the ceiling and remove the old wallpaper. For a good fit of the wallpaper, the surface should be smooth and even. Remove the bumps will help spatula, or a Bulgarian with a cutting wheel.

Concrete structures may have reinforcement in the ceiling that goes to the surface. Before wallpapering, paint all metal surfaces, otherwise rust may appear through the wallpaper.

In the presence of cracked plaster and cracks, with a chisel everything must be eliminated. Treat the ceiling with a deep penetration primer. The temperature in the room should be at least 20 degrees. It is very important to avoid drafts, there should be no air movement.

Then you need to pick up the glue. It differs in composition and preparation depending on the type of wallpaper. Count the number of rolls and you can begin the pasting process.

Stages of work

  1. Measure and cut strips of required length.
  2. Prepare a place for coating the wallpaper with glue (table, floor).
  3. Spread wallpaper sheets on the table and fluff glue with a wide brush.
  4. Leave the wallpaper to soak in, meanwhile fluff the ceiling strip to which the wallpaper will stick.
  5. Attach the wallpaper to the ceiling, and holding the canvas with one hand smooth with a soft roller.
  6. Gently unfold the remaining part of the canvas, hold the free part with a hand and smooth out the area to be glued.
  7. Continue to roll out and smooth the canvas.
  8. After gluing the canvas, it is recommended to press it harder with a brush and release bubbles.
  9. Trim excess wallpaper.

When choosing a liquid wallpaper, the ceiling is pre-cleaned and leveled. As a primer to use oil paint. After drying the paint, you can apply the wallpaper with a plexiglass spatula.

The composition is carefully distributed over the surface of the ceiling in one direction. Then the coating must be leveled and removed surplus. Work quickly, because liquid wallpaper dries quickly.

Wallpapers on the ceiling - an excellent method for its decoration with minimal cost and time.

Video: How to easily wallpaper a ceiling - No ladders required! NEW Wallpaper DIY TOOL

Papering ceiling with ease
How to glue wallpaper to the ceiling alone

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