Verificare Antiplagiat

How to go antiplagiat

The best way to pass the test for plagiarism is to write the work yourself. It is clear that not all the proposals in the work may be unique, quotations, for example, you should not rephrase in your own way, their use in the texts of works is allowed. But due to the general unique structure of the text and its logic, the program will show that the work is not plagiarism and it will be accepted if it corresponds to the task given by the teacher.
A fairly effective way to make text work unique is rewriting. The essence of the method in rewriting an article found on the Internet in your own words. It is advisable to interchange paragraphs during rewriting, but in such a way that the logical thread of the text does not get lost and the meaning of the work does not change.
Expand the material found on the Internet by adding details and some important digressions to it. Such a study of the text allows you to make the material unique without adding ballast sentences (“water”) to it.It is important that the information added is important and necessary in the topic of textual work. After all, the task of passing a plagiarism test for a student is secondary. Much more important is the ability to work with multiple sources and information processing.
To go anti-plagiarism, it is not necessary to write work from scratch. The processing of information selectively taken from a competent source and “translated” into a simpler language will also be suitable. This method is good for writing works in exact disciplines. Do not have to recycle formulas and rules. But it will be needed in your own words, but in an academic language, to paint evidence and theories.


How to go antiplagiat

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