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How to greet in Turkey


Coming to Turkey, you should not forget for a moment that, although religion here is separated from the state, Turkey was and remains a predominantly Muslim country, which is why greeting here plays a special role. Any local will be pleased to hear the delightful "Merkhab", or hello, a short "Selim", or hello, "Iyi Gunler", "Gbn Aydın" - have a good day; literally means a good time of day.
You should not complain about the next one after the words of greeting and talk about your own hardships in life, this is considered a sign of bad tone.

Welcome forms

It is not surprising that men in Turkey warmly embrace and kiss, this form of greeting is inherent to close people who have a trusting relationship, outsiders, barely familiar people, as a rule, use the classic handshake.There is no need to say hello to women in this way, it is a sign of a certain promiscuity and the fact that she wants to meet very closely.
It is customary to welcome a woman from afar, without approaching her at a doubtful distance, and even more so without touching her own hands.
In Turkey, it is usually customary to respect and honor the older generation immensely, which is why when meeting with the grandfather it is customary to kiss the back of the hand with its subsequent attachment to the forehead. This form of greeting is obligatory during sacred holidays, for example, bairama, when in response to a similar ritual, elders hand out to the younger people all kinds of sweets or trifles for pocket expenses.
Welcome kisses in Turkey are a special ritual that is intended only for people of the same sex, men tend to do so in the form of a light touch on their cheeks or head. You need to start on the right side. Depending on the location, it is customary to commit from one to three consecutive kisses.

Tradition and Modernity

Turkey is now moving by leaps and bounds towards European traditions. Society is changing, and age-old habits become obsolete, for example,modern Turkish students and students are not so rigidly follow the rules and greet each other with passionate kisses on both cheeks. It is necessary with all respect to the local rituals of greeting and, if possible, follow them and carefully observe, so as not to get into a funny and very awkward situation.

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How to greet in Turkey

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How to greet in Turkey

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