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How to grow a clove from seed

Carnations are sown from late February to early March to obtain seedlings. It is recommended to use for this loose soil, consisting of turf land with a small amount of sand and leafy greens.
Before planting, the soil is well moistened, after which the clove seeds are laid on the surface. Top of the earth covered with vermiculite, while you should not create the greenhouse effect, covering the boxes with polyethylene or glass. After 3-4 days you can see the first shoots.
At the earliest stages of development, carnation seedlings are very sensitive to cold, therefore the temperature must be maintained at a temperature not lower than 18 ° C. The plant also needs to be protected from drafts. It is positively influenced by the lighting with fluorescent lamps or phytolamps.
With insufficient lighting, watering should be moderate, otherwise the plant will begin to suffer from blackleg. Sick seedlings must be removed.On the fourth week after the emergence of shoots, it is possible to lower the temperature to about 15 ° С, this will prevent the plant from pulling out.
After the appearance of two leaves on the seedlings, a picking is carried out, the spacing between sprouts should be 3-4 cm, and the distance between rows should be about 4 cm. In April, a picking should be carried out in a separate container, and care should be taken that the root band does not deepen.
In May, the seedlings of carnations are carried out to fresh air, it is best to use for this place, protected from drafts. This will harden the plant and prepare it for planting in a permanent place. It is important to prevent the wilting of the sprouts, so you need to carefully monitor the soil moisture. The land should dry out slightly between waterings. The carnation is planted in a permanent place in the period from late May to early June. The interval between plants should be about 30 cm.
Carnations can be sown immediately in open ground. As a rule, this is done at the end of May or at the beginning of June. Seeds are sown in the expansion chest, it is recommended to choose the length of the rows about 15 cm, and the distance between them is 1.5 cm.
At this stage it is very important to prevent the soil from drying out.Seedlings will appear at most in 2 weeks, and at the end of August, seedlings should dive to a permanent growing place. With proper care, the carnation will bloom next year. That bushes turned out magnificent, seedlings need to be pinned when they have 5-8 leaves.

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How to grow and care clove plant at home.
How to grow a clove from seed

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