Planting Green Onions in a DIY Grow Bag

How to grow green onions without land

There are several ways of planting without land that experienced gardeners know. For all methods, instead of a soil mix, a certain substrate is used, a “soil substitute”. Consider two substitutes: sawdust and toilet paper. On them we can grow onions 30-35 cm high.

Rules for growing green onions in a mobile bed:

· Choose a bow to a diameter of 2-4 cm.

· You can grow any varieties, winter, summer. You can choose onion sets.

· Before planting, onions should be selected and carefully cut off a dry onion neck.

· Onions should be planted in a "bridge" way, that is, very close to each other.

The first method of growing onions without soil is growing in sawdust. Onions can be grown in a box, container or in a plastic bag. This is called a mobile bed. Sawdust can take any (wood, coniferous trees or others). The forcing procedure in sawdust is as follows:

1. First you need to prepare sawdust.To do this, they are poured boiling water and allowed to cool to room temperature. Sawdust should be moistened, but not float in water.

2. Next, in a selected container, for example, in a plastic container, moistened sawdust is placed 1-2 cm.

3. Plant bulbs in dense rows, slightly buried in sawdust.

4. Install the mobile bed in a warm place without drafts.

5. Moisten sawdust 1-2 times a week, depending on the air temperature in the apartment.

CouncilIf there is no suitable container, then you can plant a bow on a feather right inplastic bag. Only in this case the package must be tied up and additional sawdust is not moistened until the package is tied. A greenhouse microclimate forms inside the bag. If the green has rested against the top of the bag, then it can be untied and the green onion can be grown in an open bag. However, in this case it is necessary to moisten the sawdust periodically.

The second method of growing without land is the use of toilet paper instead of soil. The whole technology is the same as with sawdust, with the only difference that instead they use moist toilet paper laid on the day of the container in several layers.

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How to Plant, Grow, & Harvest Onions
How to grow green onions without land

Growing Plants without Soil
How to grow green onions without land

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