How to grow pomegranate from the stone at home

You will need
  • 10-15 pips from ripe pomegranate, a flower pot of medium size, sand, peat, film, universal soil.
Pomegranate bones clean the pieces of pulp and dry within 24 hours. The bones should not get direct sunlight.
Place the bones in room temperature water for 2 days.
Mix the sand and peat in a 1: 1 ratio and fill the flower pot. You can use a special soil for citrus plants, which can be easily found in hypermarkets.
Moisten the soil and shallow pomegranate grains (2-3 centimeters deep). Cover the pot with foil until the seedlings appear.
After a few leaves appear, select large and healthy shoots and transplant into small individual pots. Use universal primer or citrus primer.
Water with a little water when the soil begins to dry. Do not pour sprouts with water!
When the first flower buds appear, leave one or two buds, and carefully cut off the rest.

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How to grow pomegranate from the stone at home

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How to grow pomegranate from the stone at home

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