Growing Petunias For Strong Retail Performance

How to grow seedlings petunias strong and healthy

Every year petunia takes more and more flower gardens and is very popular among gardeners and gardeners. This herb from the family Solanaceae fascinates with its beauty and variety of colors of lush flowers. Petunia unpretentious and when grown through seedlings can decorate a flower garden from June to the most frost.
Petunia seeds are very small, for this reason require special attention when sowing and in the first days of seed germination. Otherwise, the plant may die. We start planting with the preparation of containers and soil for sowing seeds. We prepare the container preferably clean, approximately 8 centimeters high, with drainage holes. At the bottom of the container pour drainage of expanded clay or broken brick. Soil can be bought in a specialty store or cook yourself. Petunia loves fertile, loose and slightly acidic soil (pH = 4.5).The composition of the soil: - equal parts of rotted humus, sod land, peat and one part of sand. Wood ash can be added to the soil mix.
We fill the container with soil to the brim, to disinfect the soil, pour it with a solution of Fitosporin or boiling water. We pour snow on a well-spilled soil with a layer of 1-2 centimeters and sow small seeds of petunia over the snow. The container is covered with a transparent covering material and placed in heat, where crops will germinate. Hiding from the light is not necessary, as many gardeners recommend. The reason is that all small seeds are sown on the surface of the soil, without embedding in the ground, which means that light will not interfere with seed germination.
About a week later, the crops should rise, it is important not to miss the moment of germination and lower the temperature in the room where the seedlings grow (in the afternoon 18-20, night 14-16 degrees), as well as provide the plants with a large portion of light. In the seedling period, the requirement for soil will increase. A crust should not form on the surface, which means that the soil should be wet. Shoots can get the disease "black foot", which means that the soil should not be "swamped."Water sparingly with a sprinkler sprinkler. Petunia does not tolerate shading, weak shoots are removed. With the appearance of 3-4 true leaves of the seedlings are seated in separate pots. We discourage weaning seedlings to a cooler climate with a gradual decrease in temperature, then your plant will be strong and healthy. In open ground, we sow in the middle of May, observing the distance between the bushes of 15-20 centimeters. You can cut the top of the central shoot and petunia will be better to bush.

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Petunia Surfinia Plants - Fly The Flag
How to grow seedlings petunias strong and healthy

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How to grow seedlings petunias strong and healthy

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