16 Questions That Could Save Your Child’s Life

How to help your child survive the crisis of one year

All this �disgrace�, which one year old children get up to, is completely normal for this age. If a child is indifferent to what is happening around, then it is rather an alarming signal. Opening cabinets, trying to disassemble, break, gnaw and throw objects in different directions - an indicator of maturation, development, curiosity and activity.

During this period, the baby first appears and manifests its own desires, which may not coincide with the desires of adults. Do not try by all means to prove that "you are in charge here." This can adversely affect the nature of your child. Try to find a compromise between his desires and the boundaries of what is permitted.

In order to make your child's life safe and not crush the beginnings of will and initiative, try to create an appropriate space around him.Install the caps on the outlet, remove the fragile, sharp, small objects from the room in which the child plays. If you are afraid that he will break something, then just do not show him this item. If you selected something, try to immediately replace it with an interesting toy.

Sitting at the dinner table, seeing how you read a newspaper or �rub� your smartphone, the kid begins to take a wild interest in all this. Try to find something similar and give the child a hand. In the kitchen you can offer a metal pan and spoon. They shine perfectly and thunder when they strike each other. While reading, give the old issue of the magazine to be torn apart, and replace the real phone with a toy. There are telephones that sing good children's songs.

When banning anything, avoid the �not� particle. This harmful particle acts on the contrary, and the child continues to do what you forbid him. Better tell him what to do. For example, �put it,� �come to me,� etc. Use fairy tales and games for education. Let an elder brother or a favorite toy, rather than a severe reprimand, be an example for a child.

If a child is drawn to a hot, sharp, or fire, the word "no" is also not entirely appropriate. Among the thousands of incomprehensible prohibitions, this is another empty word.It is better to say "this is dangerous", "burn yourself", "be doomed", "hot", "sharp". But the interest is unlikely to fade away until he tries it himself. Many child psychologists advise that children �try� what a needle or fire is in a safe environment. As a rule, this is valid.

About a year later, the child begins to babble, his speech is actively developing. How quickly he speaks is up to you. The more time you spend on your communication, the faster it will master the language. Call the objects and actions you perform: �Let's eat�, �Carry me a book�, �Let's go for a walk�, �This is a ball�, �This is a doll�, �A girl is crying�, etc.

During feeding, you can allow the baby to try to eat yourself. It is unlikely that something will come of it. Then take the second spoon and feed it yourself. Do not force the child to eat if he categorically refuses. The children's body is much more harmonious than our ideas about proper nutrition. Turns away from the spoon? So full.

The first years of the child are very important for his future. His character, his behavior depends a lot on how his first few years pass.�Your attention, help, care and understanding will serve your child as an excellent foundation for their future life.

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How to help your child survive the crisis of one year

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How to help your child survive the crisis of one year

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