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How to increase the sharpness on the image

You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • - AKVIS Enhancer plugin;
  • - the photo.
Open the snapshotsharpnesswhich you are going to increase in Photoshop and duplicate the active layer with the Dublicate Layer option from the Layer menu. This action will allow you to have both the original version of the snapshot and a copy to which the filters will be applied at the same time. If necessary, you can create multiple copies of the original photo, apply different filters to them and achieve an optimal result by adjusting the transparency of the processed duplicates of the original image in the layers palette.
Regular tools Photoshop, allowing to work withsharpnessThis image can be found in the Sharpen group of the Filter menu. The filter whose settings are opened with the Unsharp Mask option changessharpnesswhole image. Having applied the Smart Sharpen filter in Advanced mode to a snapshot, you can adjust the degree of sharpness change separately in the light and shaded parts of the photo.
If you need to increasesharpnessseparate fragments of the snapshot, create a mask for the layer to which the filter was applied. This is done using the Hide All and Reveal All options, which are in the Layer Mask group of the Layer menu. Reveal All mode is suitable if most of the image needs sharpening. Paint the created mask with black over the areas of the photo that should keep the original one.sharpness.
To change the sharpness on a small area of ​​the image, create a mask in the Hide All mode and paint it with white color in the place where the fragment is located,sharpnesswhich you want to increase.
The AKVIS Enhancer plugin allows you to customizesharpnesslight and shaded areas of the image. To enable this filter, use the Enhancer option from the AKVIS group of the Filter menu. Adjust the settings "Details in the dark" and "Details in the light." The increase in the number of details in the dark areas of the image visually brightens the shadows in the photo, and changing the “Details in light” parameter slightly darkens the image.
By adjusting the “Detail level” and “Illumination” parameters, you can change the amount of grain that appeared in the photo after increasing the detail level and adjust the brightness of the image.
Save the photo with an enlargedsharpnessWith the name different from the name of the source file, the Save As option of the File menu.

Video: How to Sharpen Images in Photoshop

How to increase the sharpness on the image

Tutorial Photoshop: Improve / Increase the detail/sharpness of a photo
How to increase the sharpness on the image

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