Installing a new PCI-E video card (NCIX Tech Tips #9)

How to install a PCI E video card

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - screwdriver.
First you need to prepare your computer. To do this, disconnect all peripheral devices from it. After that, unplug the system unit from the power supply and remove its cover. Basically, it is fastened with screws or special latches. Then you need to put the system unit in such a way as to gain convenient access to the system board.
Next, locate the PCI Express slot. If you have a circuit to the motherboard, you can first find this connector on it. As a rule, PCI Express is in the lower left side of the board. Each of the connectors is signed, so it is impossible to confuse. Note that some video cards may have several PCI Express slots. On such motherboards, you can, respectively, install multiple graphics cards at once.
The process of connecting the video card is quite simple. Connect the connector to the PCI Express-card.After that, gently push on the graphics adapter. The device should enter very easily. It now remains only to fixvideo cardon the case of the system unit. This is done with the help of an ordinary fixing screw.
Many PCI Express video cards need additional power. You can find out if your board needs such a card in its manual. The power supply connector to the device is located on its end. Connect to this connector 6 Pin Connector from the power supply. Some video cards are powered using the 8 Pin Connector. This completes the graphic adapter connection procedure.
Close the cover of the system unit. Connect all peripheral devices. Turn on the computer. Immediately after starting the system, a notification about the new device will appear. After that you need to install the driver for the video card.

Video: How to Install PCI Express Video Card

PCIe Riser setup
How to install a PCI E video card

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