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How to install antivirus correctly in 2019

Nowadays, antivirus is the only way to protect the operating system from virus attacks and the ability to keep its electronic money and other bank details intact. A few years ago, the purpose of virus attacks was an ordinary “freezing” of a computer or making changes to the work of programs, but today they are used to steal payment information and establish paid SMS banners that completely block access to the system. To install an antivirus that suits you, first determine the purpose of its use.AntivirusThere are three types: signature, proactive and combined. Signature tools are designed to scan and disinfect an installed operating system, proactive ones are designed to prevent unwanted software from entering, and the combined ones combine the two functions together. For the most effective protection, it is recommended to install a combined antivirus. Although they often overload the system and data processing is a little slower than usual.
Are you ready to pay for the protection of personal data? There are free and paid antivirus programs. Free can be downloaded from the public domain on any software portal. Paid can also be downloaded on the Internet and purchase a special numeric key for their activation or buy in any computer equipment store. The seller will also advise you and help you choose a specific program.
Having decided to install the antivirus yourself, determine the version of your OS, in particular, its “bit depth”. This number of digits (equal in modern computers 32 or 64), which determines the capabilities of the processor. Most antiviruses are created in two versions, for 32 and 64-bit systems, respectively. Installing the wrong version is fraught with problems with the launch of the antivirus and the operation of the operating system. Choose a compatible version of the program.
Antivirus downloaded from the Internet usually has the .exe extension. Such a file is opened by double clicking the left mouse button and is automatically installed thereafter.Antivirusbought in a store, as a rule, is recorded on a disc, and after you insert the disc into a CD-drive, a menu will open before you.From the menu you need to select the item “Installation” or “Repair” if this antivirus was installed on the computer earlier. After installation, be sure to update the antivirus program through the Internet - the current virus database will provide a higher degree of protection.

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How to install antivirus correctly in 2019

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How to install antivirus correctly in 2019

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