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How to keep greens in the freezer

Freezing greens in plastic bags.
The easiest and most commonly used method of freezing greens. First, the greens are washed with cool water, and it is better to do this in the tank, and not under the faucet, in order to remove sand and dirt. Then lightly dried on a towel, cut and laid out in packages. You can roll packages with a straw, so they take up less space. It is possible to use bags with a clasp and to fold in a straightened form.
Freezing greens in ice tins.
Prepare greens as in the first method. Lay out tightly in ice molds and pour cold boiled water. After freezing, ice cubes can be transferred to a container or a regular bag and stored until spring. It is very convenient to take a couple of cubes and add to the soup.
Freezing greens in containers.
After preparation, the greens are laid out in plastic containers and put in the freezer.It is better to use small containers, since as they are used, they can be removed from the freezer and thereby free up space.

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A Greener Freezer: How to freeze fresh vegetables
How to keep greens in the freezer

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How to keep greens in the freezer

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